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Is Facebook Still a Good Place to Advertise

Surrounded by all different kind of noise coming from different corners, one of the major question marketers are facing is Facebook marketing still relevant for businesses?
Social Media Marketing in 2019 is not an easy task when small business is struggling so much for sales and revenue. Till 2018, marketing for SMEs may not be a priority, but as the year progresses, it should be one of the topmost departments, businessesare eyeing on. If may not it be, how will the business help people learn about your product or services? Word of mouth? Seriously, that have worked 15 to 20 years ago, but this will only fulfill the bread and butter of business. Business can only perform well in social media realm if they have a solid social media marketing strategy.
Facebook is the number one spot in all the social media networks, leaving behind YouTube and Google for the first time. Facebook still has 1.47 billion people logging in daily with more than 70% in the United States. Therefore, Facebook is still a safe and lucrative place to put your marketing dollars.
What Does Your Business Do?
More than a billion people use Facebook on daily basis, despite recent scandals such as data breaching also. Being the biggest social media platform in the internet, it might not be good for everyone. If your business is small and you have a small niche audience, you might face some difficulty to target your desired audience and your offerings. Startups in digital currency or blockchain technology would also face certain problems while advertising on Facebook. But still Facebook is a great platform for other business.
Your Marketing Budget
Gaining the attention of million of users inf Facebook account is not easy. It’s a Facebook feature which allows you to only reach 2 % of your overall followers. The only way you can deliver your brand message to thousand of people at a time is through Facebook paid advertisements.Facebook’s algorithms have pushed personal stories above businesses and publishers, so may need a hefty marketing budget to get your word across.
Do You Face Customers or Other Businesses?
Facebook is still the king of social media based on the sheer number of users. However, your business marketing strategy needs to go beyond simply catching momentary attention. Facebook’s grasp on the public is slowly slipping and younger users are growing up with newer, more diverse platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. To create an audience and drive engagement your business needs a more targeted marketing strategy deployed on niche social platforms.
Being the undisputed king of all social media platforms, Facebook needs a targeted marketing strategy according to the business niche. As Facebook, organic reach is slowly slipping down, and young generation is majorly focusing on different other social media platforms, business now need to develop a more target-oriented marketing strategy.
Key Takeaways
What? Approximately 62% of marketers say Facebook is their most important social network.
So, what? There are now more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, making it a must for marketers of all industries. Now what?
Marketers are still shaky on ROI of social media activities, even Facebook. Marketers must figure out an ROI measurement that works for their business on these social platforms.

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