Solid marketing tactics and perfect networking is a good recipe to drive visitors to your new blog. If your numbers are not great in case of digital marketing, we as the one of the best digital marketing company,will surely help you out to reach your goals with deadlines. One of the major points of focus is to understands where the loopholes are, which will eventually help you out to reach the goals. Read this complete guide, where you’ll find challenges and their solutions to bring 10,000 visitors.

Write Long, Detailed Posts

We usually see companies writing blogs with less content and focusing more on keywords. After reading millions of articles on internet, one common thing we have noticed on all blogs ranking on top of google is their quantity if content parallelly with quality. Yes, the length of blog post should be approx. 2000- 3000 words, and that’s what experienced marketers believe in. So, one of the best strategies to bring good traffic, to your blog is to write long, engaging post and explain topic in detail. One thing you should always notice, is to use image in the blog also. Merely writing text to make your post longer, will not help otherwise, making readers mind -numb. Include different headlines, images, videos, explaining the significance of your topic.

You can also put interesting headlines to make your blog attractive, for ex: – using numbers in the tile, how to methodology and conveying authority to make sure blog post popularity.

Proper research and R&D are something you always need to focus on before writing a blog. Visit different websites, use your keyword wisely, read your content and understand the pattern and highlights of writing. Link insertion and font usage of posts are also something which inspires reads to read whole blog. Now, when you’ve curated a long post with great visuals, now it’s time to focus on readability.

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Distribute Your Content

Two key Methods of Content Distribution-

Now after writing a perfect blog for your audience as well as for your business, next step is to have a proper content distribution strategy. No matter, you write the best article in the industry, if you do not have a content distribution plan, the content is waste. Distribute your content at prominent platforms regarding your business.

#1 Social Sharing

Have you gone through Zarella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness? If not, you should. It disparages the social sharing of content and dismisses several myths with real data.

A person must be exposed to your content to ever have a chance of spreading it. This means they must be following you on Twitter, fans of your page on Facebook, on your email list, etc.

The person must become aware of your specific piece of content before they can spread it. They must read your Tweet or open your email.

That person must be motivated by something (generally in the content itself) to want to share it with their contacts.

#2 Grow your network

People having prior experience of content writing, blog writing or marketing is the one who starts with their own blog. If you have a big network, utilize it make it big. Promote your blog on your network. Attend webinars, conferences, regarding your domain. Use LinkedIn. Start commenting on LinkedIn posts and articles, in this way you will develop a community for your brand.


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