Lead Magnet is a term that has become popular among businesses. But if you are still not familiar with it, let me explain to you what are Lead Magnets. It is simply an irresistible offer made by the businesses or any company to make a customer provide his email address and other details like name, mobile number, etc. that are valuable for marketing purposes. So, now you understand how important lead magnets are? They bring to you a large amount of useful data that can be used for the marketing of your products. Lead magnets actually help in collecting the data of prospective buyers who are actually searching for a similar product as yours. Let us now know the top 5 lead magnets that any business owner can use.

5 Lead Magnets for Any Business

Checklist or Cheat sheet- Cheat sheets and checklists are the most popular lead magnets. Gather different types of content and make cheat sheets or checklists like 5 tips for best SEO; Cheat for writing Blogs; checklist for productive meetings, etc. These types of sheets and lists which readily serve the purpose of the customers are the best lead magnets and also help in converting prospective customers into buyers.

Templates- Well, this one of the best lead magnets. Everyone today wants their task to be easy and quick which is the reason for the search of templates. Design templates, video templates, website templates, SEO templates are some of the most searched templates. You can easily use these template files as your lead magnet.

Video Training- Short video-trainings, for which customers register is also a lead magnet. Set a time frame that register for such and such video training until specified date; this will help you in getting leads.

Discounts and free shipping- Although coupons are not lead magnets but you can use Discounts and Free shipping offer as lead magnets. You can simply make a deal like on signup, you get 10% discount and free shipping. This is one of the best lead magnets and is generally used by all e-commerce websites.

Swipe Files- Individuals running their business are in search of different types of swipe files like headline swipe files for content, digital marketing swipe files, Facebook Ads Swipe files, social media swipe files, etc. You can use these swipe files as lead magnets; they will definitely help you in getting leads.

Some other important lead magnets are e-books, case studies, software, quiz/surveys, samples, etc. E-book and Case study is an important lead magnet because the customers generally provide their email because of the content they carry. It is difficult to get the case study content easily. So, using a case study and e-books as lead magnets is also a good option.

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